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Professor Muhammad Yahya

Professor Muhammad Yahya

Legal Advisor
legal, labor, civil and commercial cases


With a rich and diverse legal career spanning 12 years, coupled with a master's degree in private law and international trade, this professional brings a wealth of expertise to the legal arena. His comprehensive experience encompasses various legal domains, including legal, labor, civil, and commercial cases.

Notably, his efforts are centered on assisting clients with a commitment to high efficiency, honesty, and expeditious case resolution. A key strength lies in his meticulous approach to research, which is instrumental in providing and confirming evidence. This capability extends to identifying legal loopholes and strategically developing robust legal defense plans.

The prioritization of the client's best interests is evident in his approach to initiating cases. Whether dealing with legal intricacies, labor disputes, civil matters, or commercial cases, he demonstrates a keen focus on doing good for the client. This client-centric perspective is underpinned by a dedication to efficiency and a commitment to delivering results.

In summary, this legal professional with a master's degree in private law and international trade brings a depth of experience, a commitment to client welfare, and a strategic approach to legal problem-solving. His proficiency in research and legal strategy positions him as a valuable advocate in navigating the complexities of various legal landscapes.