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Professor Mohammed Bahaa

Professor Mohammed Bahaa

Business lawyer
Corporate Law
10 Years


Boasting extensive practice and profound experience in Company Law, I am recognized as an expert in navigating the intricate landscape of Commercial Claims. My specialization extends to handling Employer-Employee Disputes with a track record of successful resolutions.

One of my key strengths lies in the meticulous review of various contracts, including collaboration agreements, agency and distribution agreements, consultancy contracts, sale and purchase terms and conditions, as well as non-competition and confidentiality agreements. My in-depth understanding of legal nuances allows me to provide comprehensive recommendations tailored to the unique aspects of each contract.

I excel in the art of drafting essential documents crucial to business operations. This includes but is not limited to Sale and Purchase Agreements, Employment Agreements, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Shareholders Agreements, and Resolutions, as well as Memorandums of Understanding. My drafting expertise ensures that these documents are not only legally sound but also aligned with the specific needs and objectives of the parties involved.

In the realm of Company Law, I bring a wealth of practical experience, allowing me to navigate corporate complexities with ease. Whether it's ensuring compliance with legal requirements, facilitating business transactions, or resolving disputes, my expertise is a valuable asset. Clients can rely on my commitment to delivering high-quality legal services and strategic advice in matters related to commercial and corporate law.