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Professor Bishoy Youssef

Professor Bishoy Youssef

Criminal lawyer
Criminal Law
20 Years


With an impressive two-decade tenure in the legal profession, he stands as a seasoned expert, particularly distinguished for his extensive experience in handling criminal cases. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated a commitment to high efficiency, honesty, and a swift resolution of legal matters. His primary focus revolves around providing dedicated assistance to clients facing legal challenges.

In the realm of criminal law, he excels in his efforts to support clients. His approach involves thorough research to provide and confirm evidence, identify legal loopholes, and strategically develop robust legal defense plans. This comprehensive strategy aims to initiate cases with a priority on securing favorable outcomes for the client, including obtaining bail when applicable.

His proficiency extends across a broad spectrum of criminal cases, showcasing versatility and adaptability. Whether dealing with drug-related cases, instances of abuse or trafficking, charges of forgery, embezzlement, murder, or cases involving assault resulting in permanent disability, he brings a wealth of experience to each scenario.

Clients benefit not only from his legal acumen but also from his dedication to ensuring a comprehensive and well-prepared defense. His track record attests to his ability to navigate the complexities of criminal law and tailor his approach to the specific needs of each case. In providing defense across a wide array of criminal matters, he has earned a reputation for being a reliable advocate committed to the welfare of his clients.