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Professor Ahmed Gomaa

Professor Ahmed Gomaa

Legal Advisor


Professor Ahmed Gomaa, a seasoned legal professional, embarked on his tenure with our esteemed law firm over a decade ago. Over the years, he has cultivated a wealth of experience, particularly in the meticulous oversight of judgment implementation procedures. His role involves not only initiating the necessary steps in implementation files but also diligently following through until successful execution.

Professor Gomaa has demonstrated a remarkable proficiency in navigating the intricate process of implementing judgments, showcasing an in-depth understanding of the legal intricacies involved. His dedication extends to the crucial task of collecting the implemented amounts, setting him apart and contributing significantly to the distinctiveness of our office.

His tenure with our firm has been marked by a commitment to excellence, earning him a high level of trust both within the office and among our esteemed clientele. Professor Ahmed Gomaa's expertise and reliability have played a pivotal role in establishing our office as a trusted legal entity.

We take pride in the trust he has garnered not only within our team but also among our valued customers, further solidifying our commitment to providing exceptional legal services under his capable guidance.