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Professor Abdul Sattar Jouda Aqeelah

Professor Abdul Sattar Jouda Aqeelah

Business lawyer
All Types of Legal Suits
20 Years


With an illustrious career spanning two decades, Mr. Abdul Sattar has become a seasoned legal professional in our country, having successfully navigated a diverse array of cases. His extensive experience is a testament to his comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape, as he has effectively handled a myriad of cases, showcasing versatility and expertise across the spectrum.

Beyond his proficiency as a legal consultant, Mr. Abdul Sattar excels in formulating and preparing pleadings, memoranda, and contracts, as well as overseeing the intricate processes involved in the incorporation of companies and registration of trademarks. His multifaceted skill set has positioned him as a valuable asset to our firm.

Notably, Mr. Abdul Sattar's capabilities extend beyond legal matters; he has proven himself highly professional in administrative affairs. This proficiency and versatility have led to his appointment as our office manager, a role for which he is well-qualified.

His managerial responsibilities include not only overseeing administrative functions but also ensuring the smooth progress of client files and cases. Mr. Abdul Sattar's dedication to providing exceptional client service is evidenced by his exemplary treatment of our esteemed clients, his meticulous follow-up procedures, and his efficient supervision of case developments.

The trust he has earned from our clients is a testament to his exceptional skills, reliable follow-through, and the efficient use of his extensive two-decade experience in the field of advocacy and legal consulting. Mr. Abdul Sattar stands as a cornerstone of our firm's commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.