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Advt. Ebrahim Ali Al Mousa

Advt. Ebrahim Ali Al Mousa

Business lawyer
Civil Lawyer, Criminal and commercial lawyer
20 Years


With over two decades of dedicated service in the field of law within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), he has amassed extensive expertise spanning various legal domains, such as civil, criminal, and commercial law. His profound knowledge encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the diverse laws and regulations governing the region.

Throughout his illustrious career, he has demonstrated a remarkable proficiency in navigating the intricacies of legal procedures and executions, contributing to his well-rounded experience. His prowess extends to the nuanced landscape of corporate, governmental, and non-governmental entities, showcasing a deep understanding of their legal frameworks and operational intricacies.

His professional portfolio includes the representation of numerous clients, ranging from individuals to firms and institutions, across different tiers of the UAE courts. This diverse exposure has further enriched his understanding of legal nuances at various levels within the judicial system.

Moreover, his adeptness in dispute resolution is noteworthy. Whether through amicable settlements or proceedings conducted in Arbitration Centers, he has successfully employed his skills to bring about resolutions in a manner that aligns with the best interests of his clients.

In summary, his career trajectory reflects not only a profound understanding of the multifaceted legal landscape in the UAE but also a consistent track record of successfully representing clients and navigating legal complexities with finesse.