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Upholding Legal Excellence: Ebrahim Ali Al Mousa Law Firm

In the dynamic landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where business thrives and communities flourish, the role of legal expertise is paramount. Providing steadfast guidance, ensuring justice, and safeguarding rights are pillars upheld by distinguished law firms such as Ebrahim Ali Al Mousa. Introduction Established with a commitment to excellence, Ebrahim Ali Al Mousa […]

Dubai has introduced fresh regulations for arbitrators in fault-based divorce cases. Here’s a concise overview of the new rules.

The Emirate of Dubai has introduced a new executive decision known as Dubai Executive Council Decision No. 16 of 2022, which governs the rules concerning the appointment and procedures for arbitrators involved in fault-based divorces. Brief Background:In the UAE, family law matters are regulated primarily by the Federal Law No. 28 of 2005 (UAE Personal […]


Construction projects of all kinds are carried out by industry professionals, so-called construction contractors. In order for the contractor to implement the project according to specific specifications, plans, and drawings. The owner concludes an agreement with the contractor, which is called a construction contract or contracting contract, under which the owner pays the amounts of money specified […]

A Peek into the Updated Insurance Legislation in the UAE

In a significant development for the insurance sector, the recently published New Insurance Law on 31 October 2023, set to be enforced from 30 November 2023, marks an important moment in the regulatory landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The main reason for this legislative update is the formalization and codification of the transfer […]